Technology Experimentation Vault

Combine the mechanics of four unique tools to explore a scientific facility and expose its secrets.
Your play style will shape your adventure in this world full of mysteries to uncover.

The Tools

There are four tools to be found on the game:

  • The CUBE TOOL can create platforms to reach higher and distant places. It can guide the direction of the teleport projectile too.
  • The TELEPORT TOOL will teleport the player to where you shoot and can swap the player with the “Shadow Clone”.
  • The SHADOW CLONE is a controllable character that have some advantages over the main human character. It can pass through things and jump very high.
  • The EXPLOSIVE RC-DRONE can fly through small holes, explore, activate buttons and explode things that are on the way.

The tools interact with each other in several ways making the system much more complex and unique. You will evolve as a player while exploring the world.
As you become more experienced, you will gradually discover new and inventive ways to use your tools.

There is no order, correct sequence or a single way to solve the puzzles. Do it your way, make your own adventure.
Learn with your mistakes and evolve to escape from this unique mind prison.





  • When the game will be released?
    End 2016
  • Which game engine you are using?
    Unreal Engine 4
  • Are you really doing this game alone?
    Yes 🙂
  • Which languages the game will have?
    Brazilian Portuguese
  • Which platforms the game will run?
    PC (Windows)
  • Is there plans for a console release?
    After the steam release, if the community shows interest I will definitely do it